Educational Homeopathic Consultation by a Compassionate Spiritual HealerThe Humane Path Through Life

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Spiritually oriented counseling

Tumultuous life experience is often a catalyst of change. For some, the healing process of becoming mature, even-minded and content, is gradual. For others, it is precipitated by arrival of painful, difficult situations, be it illness or accident, or departure of something dear, such as relationship, money, fame, or reputation. Either case may shutter your self-image and require a new understanding of life. At those times spiritually oriented counseling can help purify your vision and bring into focus deeper meaning and purpose of life.

This is not a religious practice but spiritual and it can only enhance your particular orientation. It is based on the understanding of living in this world in light of spiritual principles. Meetings are usually scheduled for an hour, as often required. We meet together physically, on telephone or on Skype.

The work is individual and depends on the need of the situation. It can facilitate a life-transforming process and reveal a more peaceful and satisfying way of living. It helps recognition of gratitude no matter what’s going on in your life and brings home the meaning of the statement “My own gratitude heart is all I need”.