Educational Homeopathic Consultation by a Compassionate Spiritual HealerThe Humane Path Through Life

Physical and Mental-Emotional Issues addressed in Both Acute and Chronic Conditions

Human Psyche and Emotional Matters

Difficult life situations as well as serious physical claims can contribute to inner turmoil and confusion. These are seen from the point of view how they contribute to restore your wholeness. When you are stressed, your emotional experience is essentially confusing. Seen from the spiritual vantage point, it can reveal the richness of life and bring you the existing freedom beyond the apparent suffering. Spiritually-oriented counseling at a time of transition can greatly enhance transformation and deepen your life experience. Where appropriate, Carol Bahder helps facilitate integrative vision and guides you in the process of psychic growth.

Homeopathy in Acute, Chronic and Difficult, Complex Disorders

While Homeopathy is surprisingly effective in acute problems, it shines especially in the area of chronic disorders which, in typical medical approach, are addressed only symptomatically. Allopathy, that is conventional medicine, fights disease but may also weaken the person. Homeopathic approach can actually enhance body’s healing abilities and increase health. While conventional treatment definitely has its place in our life, often you need to do your own research to find unorthodox ways of improving your conditions. Carol will assist you in that search.
Because Homeopathy works by increasing the body’s own natural reactions rather than suppressing uncomfortable symptoms, it is frequently successful with people who have even many year history of disease. Homeopathy deals with the whole person and so it is also successful with mental and emotional problems such as anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue. Incredibly, Homeopathy is even effective in cases when someone has suffered a shock and has never been well since. An accident or a grief suffered many years ago can be reversed by careful homeopathic prescribing in order to regain the joy of life. Chronic diseases, which by definition do not of themselves improve but rather continue to degenerate, have found hope and often meet with success in Homeopathy. Homeopathy is especially useful for those who have a complex and difficult medical history.
In addition, Homeopathy plays an important role in prevention and many will seek homeopathic constitutional remedy, say once a year, to maintain their high level of health.